Terms used to define a fandom or subculture or stereotype

Pick a term that is used to define a fandom or subculture or stereotpype (possibilities include Juggalo, Trekkie, Twihard, Beyhive, Swiftie, Nerd, Goth, Redneck, Punk, Yuppie, etc). Define said word and, in this definition, show why this word has a negative connotation and explain the reasons it should not. In other words, you are defining the word used to describe the group but also defending the group- via definition. Your definition must show value and worth. We are here to ethically expand and refine language. Do not defend definitions that are derogatory or pejorative. Try to avoid low hanging fruit (no obvious s**t). Remember the chapter- every word-definition is an argument because no two people mean the same thing- despite using the same words/phrasing. In order to argue effectively- in any essay- you will have to define your terms. Here, you are creating a definition, yes, but it has to be persuasive or it will not be accepted by your reader.

You are making a brief argument as to the meaning of a term, as you understand it, in a way that can be argued clearly (with reason!) and doing so with generous intent (again, understanding that language is used to marginalize and devalue, while attempting to reverse this, is the point).

Sample Solution