Texas Politics

  1. If you look at Figure 4.5 on page 117 of Inside Texas Politics shows that Texas ranks low in terms of voter turnout and even with the increases in 2018 and 2020, Texas still remained in the bottom 10 nationally (44th in 2020). One study ranked Texas has having the highest costs of voting in the nation. So, what is the single most important thing Texas could do to increase voter turnout? Explain Need 100 words.
  2. The United States Constitution requires conducting a decennial census because representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on population. The results of the census also affect districts for the Texas legislature. One of the primary tasks when the 87th Legislature is drawing new districts for all members of the state legislature. Texas, like many states, allows the state legislature to draw the district boundaries, but some states have moved to using independent commissions in effort to reduce the influence of partisanship. Which is a better choice for Texas: maintaining the status quo or adopting an independent commission. Why? Need 100 words

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