Thailand culture

John had recently been assigned to his agency’s Bangkok office. As first he was very impressed with the willingness shown by the people with whom he worked to carry out the program he was trying to implement. Soon, however, he discovered that his deadlines were not being met; people agreed to do something but didn’t always show up, materials would disappear from the workrooms but no one seemed inclined to find out what had happened to them. He was becoming increasingly frustrated and angry and was about ready to issue an ultimatum: “Shape up or ship out!” But his Thai supervisors didn’t seem to be at all upset, and kept saying to him, “Mai pen rai” which means “It doesn’t really matter” … “don’t worry about it.”
” How did John perceive the situation described above? What value orientations was he using to form his perceptions?
” What changes (if any) would you suggest to John to deal with the frustration with his Thai employees? What changes (if any) would you suggest for his Thai employees?







Sample Solution