Thanksgiving Address

What might be the significance of the repeated phrase Now our minds are one
What is the significance of the different groups addressed and the order in which they are addressed? What might this tell the audience? (Note: Keep in mind that what is usually most important is either first and/or last in a piece.)
What imagery can be found in “Thanksgiving Address”? How might this imagery enhance the meaning of the piece–or even a particular part of the work?
What might be the point of this work?
The Haudenosaunee founding story focuses on the origin of the Iroquois confederacy, but it also illuminates other aspects of the Haudenosaunee culture. Similarly, while the Hopi origin story explains how their people came to be and their place in the world, this story also explain the origins of other aspects of their culture and the world.

List and describe the different aspects of the Haudenosaunee and Hopi cultures and the world, all that is explained, in these two origin stories.

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