Comparing the 2018 Midterm Primary, 2020 Presidential Primary, and 2022 Midterm Primary graphs
I. How would you rate Texas’s voter turnout during these primary elections? :Your data should be presented in a table, and be accompanied by a narrative explanation of your findings.
II. What factors influence voter turnout and registration?
III. How does Gerrymandering impact elections and representation?
IV. How do you think the Texas voter ID law and recent attempts of purging voter rolls affect voter turnout in Texas? Where do you stand on these issue? Explain why you favor or oppose voter ID laws or challenging the status of voters on voter rolls.
Texas Voter Turnout in Midterm and Presidential Primary Elections
Voter Turnout and Political Participation in Texas
It’s harder to vote in Texas than in any other state
The dramatic fight in Texas over voter fraud
Gerrymandering Explained
What is Gerrymandering and how does it impact you?
Here is how partisan gerrymandering impacts Texans

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