The action and meaning of Camille.

  1. Marguerite: Then, sir, will you kiss me just once, as you would your own
    daughter, and I swear to you that this kiss, the only really pure one that I
    have ever received, will help me in what I must do.
    Discuss the significance of this quote to the action and meaning of Camille.
    What does it say about Marguerite’s position in society? PLAY:(Camille, by
    Alexandre Dumas fils)
  2. “The sins of the fathers are visited on the children”.
    Who says this? What’s the context? How does it relate to the meaning of
    Ghosts? PLAY:(Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen)
  3. Is Woyzeck guilty? PLAY:(Woyzeck, by George Bunchner)

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