The architecture of the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia.

Compare and contrast the architecture of the Archeological Museum of Macedonia. with the Neo-classical architecture of Greece.

Read up a bit on neo-classical architecture. and gather some vital statistics on the building (date. architect, etc; make sure you use bibliographic citations (websites are okay): and make an illustrated, detailed comparison, with the classical Athenian buildings. You should take into consideration not only matters of form (How close to an Athenian building is it? VVhat kind of columns are used, and are they Athenian [Doric or Ionic] or more Roman [Corinthian]? Is it painted or solid colored [remember that ancient Greek buildings were originally vividly colored) and function (is Athenian temple architecture being used for non-religious purposes? If so. why do you think the builders wanted to use this particular form for their building?)

Sample Solution