The Armenian Genocide.

For this assignment you need to write an analytical paper on the topic of the Armenian Genocide. This paper is to be 5-7 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font). You also must include a bibliography or works cited page. You are required to use at least five sources for this paper. Two of those sources are provided for you. For this paper, these two sources are the video “Genocide Denied” and “Chapter 2: The Armenian Genocide” in Century of genocide: critical essays and eyewitness accounts (From the Online Library). Both of these sources need to be incorporated significantly into your research paper. Additionally you must use at least three other sources in your paper, as indicated above. One of these sources needs to be an additional book or journal article (The Online Library has great resources available). The other source may be any source of your choosing. However, when using internet sources be sure to use credible, academic sites. Also, you may not use encyclopedias (this includes sites like and Additional internet, book, journal sources, and class resources may be used in your paper in addition to the 5 required sources.

Sample Solution