Old-Fashioned and Contemporary Forms of Prejudice
The Arrival of Africans and Descent into Slavery
Comparing Slave Systems: The Significance of “Racial” Servitude


Race in North America Chapter 5

Chapter 5 & 6 Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination

Choose ONE of the below questions to answer:

What is implicit prejudice? How does it differ from explicit prejudice” How do implicit prejudice work?
Describe the five themes that characterize modern-symbolic prejudice.
What does the term response amplification mean? Under what circumstances does positive amplification occur and under what circumstances does negative amplification occur? How are these circumstances similar to and different from the circumstances that influence the behavior of people with aversive prejudice?
Describe the terror management theory explanation for the role played by perceived value dissimilarity in prejudice.
Debate the following proposition: Intrinsically religious people are no less prejudice than anyone else; they are more motivates to give socially desirable responses to questions about prejudice.




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