The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC)

write a 2,000-word assignment. Before you write your assignment,
you will need to:
• Choose one of the following National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS)
Standards (ACSQHC, 2017) as the topic of your assignment.
• Clinical governance (Standard 1)
• Partnering with consumers (Standard 2)
• Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection (Standard 3)
• Comprehensive care (Standard 5)
• Communicating for safety (Standard 6)
• Blood management (Standard 7)
Please note, the following two NSQHS standards are not included as topic choices.
• Medication safety (Standard 4)
• Recognising and responding to acute deterioration (Standard 8).
3806NRS: Professional Nursing Practice Page 2
• Identify the type of process and outcome data that could be collected, analysed and fed
back for improvements in care relevant to your chosen standard. (You may wish to refer
to the article by Donabedian, 1988, as a starting point). This area for action aligns with
step 2.2 of the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care (ACSQHC,
• Research the topic of quality and safety in health care in Australia then identify and
analyse scholarly literature that is relevant to your assignment topic, namelyyour:
• chosen standard,
• a clinical care activity relevant to this standard,
• process and outcome data required to monitor outcomes/improvements relevant to
the standard.

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