The benefits of utilizing equine facilitated therapy as supplement to pharmaceutical treatment of people with PTSD, depression and anxiety

Assignment: Compose a persuasive paper that takes a position on an issue in the form of a hypothesis, and argues the need for an original experiment to directly support this position.

Purpose: Exhibit proficiency in academic research writing, argumentative expression, and analytical reasoning.



Provide a captivating description of the issue that serves as the basis for your research. End this discussion with a sentence that narrowly frames the issue as a question. – One Paragraph

Immediately respond to the issue with a hypothesis (a prospective answer), and an argument for an additional study to prove this position. You should condense your argument to one sentence, and then briefly explain it with subsequent detail. Summarize the general character of your research sources, and how they fail to precisely support your response to the issue. – One to Two Paragraphs


Utilize 5-12 sources to advance your position and examine how they display a void in current research. Analyze how your sources might lend support for your hypothesis on the issue, but ultimately fail to directly prove your position. Use your evidence to both advance your position on the issue, and advocate the need for your particular experiment in support of that position. Utilize your analysis to display how an additional study would fill the gap in current research, and directly prove your hypothesis on the issue. Use your knowledge of analogy, along with cause and correlation, to advance your analysis. Analogize different studies, and unpack correlational findings to further synthesize your evidence. Introduce and summarize your various evidentiary claims with a natural restatement of your argument. Utilize appropriate transition sentences to logically move from one idea to the next. Please try to avoid quotes, unless absolutely critical to your analysis. Instead, paraphrase your source information and explain how it supports the conclusion. Cite each of your sources, whether paraphrased or quoted. Do not include introductory or summary paragraphs for this section. – Four to Eight Paragraphs


Formulate a study that seeks to fill the gap in current research, and advances your position on the issue outlined in the introduction section. Create an ideal description of participants, materials, design, and procedure that precisely supports your position on the research issue. Use bolded subheadings without numbers or bullets (Lowercase, except first letter). – One Page or Less


Restate your argument in a single, condensed statement. Summarize your findings and generalize how they advance your conclusion. Briefly explain how your argument addresses the issue at hand, and that your original experiment compliments your source analysis. – One Paragraph

Format and Length:

APA, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman
5-8 pages (Not Including Title and Reference Pages).
Roman Numeral, uppercase headings without bold/italics.
Bolded, lowercase subheadings (except first letter), and without numbers or bullets.
Grade: This assignment is graded and worth 20% of your overall course grade. Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Ability to clearly:
Frame an issue in a compelling manner;
Respond to the issue with a well-developed argument;
Effectively analyze evidence to advance your argument;
Synthesize sources to create an original idea;
Articulate points in your own words; and
Maintain coherency and focus throughout the entire paper.
Organization, density, conciseness, and logical sequence of your writing.
Grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling appropriate for an academic work.

Sample Solution