The Brand Equity Effect on Consumer Buying Decision at Small Car Market in Dubai

Brand has a massive impact on people consumption especially in Dubai. When it comes to automotive sector, people tend to buy high level luxury brand to show off on traffic. They want to gain/show their social status on traffic to have more respect by society. Since Dubai is an expat city and incomes are higher than their own home countries, i do not pay attention about functionality only but also brand image of the car. There is a belief that it represents their character on the road. In fact, with this dissertation i want to prove this behavior under the consideration of higher income and luxury-oriented city such as Dubai. Example: most of expats told me that they want to buy luxury cars because they can not afford it in their home countries and here it is prestige to have it among to society. It is more than functional need. the framework should include and examine 3 models : box model, 2. keller’s brand equity model, 3. david Aaker’s brand equity mode Please note that the entire paper is going to be 26 pages long



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