The burden of caring for a loved one suffering from Schizophrenia

In 10-12 slides, including the title and reference slides, outline your research proposal (The effects that caring
for a loved one suffering from Schizophrenia has on family and friends) to present to your classmates. Speaker
notes are required to provide additional information for your bullet points. Please see the attached document,
“PowerPoint Instructions,” for further tips.
The PowerPoint will need to include:

  1. Introductory section: including your problem statement and your hypothesis.
  2. Method section: including your description of the participants, apparatus/materials/instruments, procedure,
    and design you anticipate using.
  3. Results: discuss how results would be gathered for which statistic was used, the alpha level (.05), critical
    value, and degrees of freedom. (Do not create fake results.)
  4. Discussion: requires 4 paragraphs that include:
    a. Describe what it would mean if you obtained significant results. Then describe what it would mean to obtain
    no significant results.
    b. Discuss how your study followed APA ethical guidelines, by discussing the use of an informed consent form,
    debriefing statement, deception, and obtaining IRB permission.
    c. Discuss any limitations in your study (e.g., possible confounding, lack of random assignment or random
    sampling, etc.)
    d. Conclude with a discussion of future studies that could arise from your study.
  5. Appendices: two figures, OR two tables, OR a table and a figure. For example, set up a table focusing on
    participants, include your individually created survey, use/cite tables from a previous study, refer to Chapter 14
    summary table, and include Informed Consent figure and/or Debriefing Form figure. If unsure, contact your
    instructor for confirmation of appendices.

Sample Solution