The cause of inequality

What is the cause of inequality? Is it inevitable? What is power and who are the powerful in society? INSTRUCTIONS: Read Chapter 1 of Marger textbook 2. Consider the social stratification of the town you live in and in California by answering at least 3 the following questions (and comment on each other’s posts as well), by going to Or you can search the main page for information sources at: OR you can Google search for the information on City and State… 1) What is the demographic background of the population (race, ethnicity, class and gender?)? 2) What is the demographic background of the student population? 3) How many graduate from high school? And are there differences by race, ethnicity and gender? 4) What is the average income of the population? Are there differences by race, ethnicity and gender? 5) About the State of California…how is the state doing in terms of poverty rates, high school graduation rates, income patterns? Based on the information you examine on (explore the site for access to population data), what is your view on the stratification (inequality) that exists locally and in California? 3. Topic 3: Class System in America and Prepping for Power Explore Dr. Bill Domhoff’s web page (enter the following words into your internet search to find his website if the link does not function, Who Rules America?: Power, Politics & Social Change): Using information from the Domhoff book, Marger textbook power-points, and Domhoff’s website and consider the role of Power Elite in America by responding to the following questions: 1) What is the Class Domination Theory of Power? (on Domhoff’s web page) How does this affect you, your family and/or your community? 2) How are members of the elite classes socialized (groomed) to rule the nation? What are your impressions of Bohemian Grove and which powerful people are members of this Bohemian Club? On Domhoff’s web site, explore the contents and video on “Social Cohesion and Bohemian Grove” (the video is 29 minutes and gives you a tour of the Grove). 3

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