The Colonial Korea from 1910-1945

Create a professional-quality propaganda piece on a historical issue, promoting a specific view or action/policy. You will assume that you are an opinion leader in colonial Korea from 1910-1945, and will gear it towards a specific audience: children, educated Koreans, elites, ordinary people, or even the Japanese authorities administering the colony.

This is a prewar or wartime propaganda piece (dated 1910-1945) for an underground Korean newspaper promoting independence. It could be a cartoon, poster, political parable, short story, or diatribe against the Japanese colonial regime. Using our readings and limited additional research in Strozier Library, consider the issues and background of the Korean independence movement, and how the Japanese empire dealt with dissent.

Your piece should indicate the following: 1. How the Korean people have a proud history and culture; 2. How Japanese colonial rule has harmed their identity, and 3. How independence can restore Korean pride and prosperity. Your piece can communicate the political slant of your choice (Confucian, Communist, Wilsonian, liberal internationalist, and so on), but it must urge a particular course of action or policy.

Requirements: The piece should be about 1 to 1.5 pages long, or 450-600 words. Be careful to proofread for embarrassing, and usually avoidable, spelling, grammar, and other errors. Good propaganda will refer to specific events, and will make or show provocative points, designed to elicit a response.

Sample Solution