The Community Organization

Clearly indicate the focus of the organization and the community needs that the organization. A brief historical background of the organization should also be included.

Discuss any community partnerships that they have. Suggest additional partnerships that you feel they should have.
Explore how the cross-cultural challenges and humanitarian considerations are involved.
Demonstrate how the organization uses volunteers and the economic benefits associated with this (not just “free labor”).
Illustrate any roadblocks that the organization has faced or potential could face and how they did or might find solutions.
Describe the organization’s vision for the future.
Indicate what areas in which you feel the organization could improve. What challenges (technological, political, economic, laws and regulations, community-based initiatives, educational, etc.) will they need to overcome?
Discuss potential ways you might be able to contribute to the organization. How could your own interests, talents, and skills benefit this organization?

Sample Solution