Explain the concept of relational tables and submit all of the relational tables for the database. Provide at least one data characteristic for each attribute. Explain how the tables relate to each other. Name the primary key for each table. Confirm any secondary keys and explain why they are used.
(Your three questions should be included on the diagram).
Criteria for Content:
1-An introduction informs the reader about the topic of the paper and how the paper will be organized
2-The concept of relational tables is explained briefly
3-The complete Entity-Relationship diagram will be updated from the attachement assignment incorporating any changes that were necessary to address your three questions . Your three questions should be included on the diagram. The updated diagram will include the necessary entities, attributes including primary and secondary keys, and cardinality rules (i.e. properly drawn lines and symbols). If possible, please indicate which entities and/or attributes will utilize standard nomenclature.
4-Relational tables, each with a unique name, are presented in standard relational-table format
5-For each relational table, attributes are named, along with one data characteristic for each attribute. This content can be presented in narrative form, as individual tables, or in vertical lists

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