The concepts of sociolinguistics

In this essay, you are going to apply the concepts of sociolinguistics to your own experiences and daily lives. This assignment is designed to make you more aware of the varieties of language that you navigate every day and to help you to describe your linguistic diversity. From the numerous speech communities that you belong to, select two or three that you consider dominant in your daily life. You can think about speech communities related to your age, gender, ethnicity, religion, personal interests, hobbies, job, geographic location, social media etc. You need to analyze 2-3 speech communities from 2-3 perspectives that are related to different fields linguistics such as phonetics, morphology, syntax, sociolinguistics, and linguistic anthropology. You can select the fields of linguistics that are most suitable for your analysis. You need to provide specific examples to support your analysis.

Requirements: • Sources: use 4-5 sources to support and explain your ideas-sources can be online or printed articles, books, documentaries and movies

Sample Solution