The Consumer’s Dilemma.

This assignment, you will be looking at and trying to explain why some ads may work and some don’t. As well as the rhetoric they are using and the audiences they are trying to target. To do this, you are going to select two ads. They can either be print ads or tv spots. Though if you decide on TV ads, both should be TV, and if you chose to print, both should be print. Also, you need to provide a simple way for your readers to see them. So print ads can be attached at the end of the paper, or links to and easy to use a platform like youtube can be added at the end.

Your two ads should be for similar products, but from different companies, i.e. two shampoo ads or two-car ads, but one from Garnier and one from Dove or one from Ford and one from Lotus. However, you want to go about it.

In looking at this essay, your job is to identify the rhetorical appeals being used, get really specific about the audiences that these adds are targeted at, and how rhetoric is working on that specific group. You can also look at how it may not work on other audiences.

Sample Solution