The correlation between Social media and anorexia

1. Select a topic. Think about the question “What is the relationship between and .” These are your variables. For this paper, the first blank should be filled with a psychological disorder that interests you. The second blank should be something that has an effect on this disorder. For example “What is the relationship between depression and exercise’?” 2. Search the internet. You need to find 3 sources. One should be a journal article that you access online. One should be from a reputable organization (Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness, etc.). One should be a blog or website from an individual sharing their personal experience. 3. Format your paper. I would like you to use the following elements of an APA Style: Times New Roman in 12 point font, one inch margins on all sides (this is typically automatic when you open up Word), a title page and a reference list. I would like you to use 1.5 spacing. Do NOT add page numbers, headers, or footers. NO first person (I, me, my, etc.). No bulleted or numbered lists. No lengthy quotes. These instructions are in Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1.5 spacing. 4. Write your paper. Your paper should begin with an introduction to the topic, something that gives me some basic information on the 2 variables you have selected. The body of your paper should be a summary of the information from each of your sources. The final section of your paper should compare and contrast the information to come to some kind of conclusion.







Sample Solution