The cost of medicine in McAllen Texas

The cost of medicine in McAllen Texas

This story is a three part tale. The first link is the original story as published in the New Yorker. The second link is a rebuttal that was written by the Texas Medical Association. The third link it the response to the rebuttal made by the author of the original article. For it to all make sense read them in the order in which they appear.

After reading the article on McAllen, the rebuttal and the surrebuttal look at the three links that follow to see what has been going on in McAllen since the article originally appeared in June of 2009.

things seem to be slowing down in Brownsville, No one has been indicted or arrested on helathcare fraud since April of 2020

Assignment for lesson eight

Did you find the rebuttal of the Texas Medical Association persuasive, if yes, why? if not why not? What explanation do you think best explains the high cost of health care in McAllen Texas

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