The Day Language Came into My Life” by Helen Keller

Summarize the article briefly. Provide a brief summary of the essay. Be sure to state what the author’s main argument is and mention his or her main
points of support and evidence. You should also tell your audience when and where the essay was published and who it was written by.
Critique the article. Consider the following questions as prompts to helping you critique the essay:
How well does the author introduce him/herself to her/his audience?
Who is the audience?
How does the author use ethos and pathos to reach his/her audience?
What is the author’s context? How does it support his argument?
Analyze the author’s purpose?
How successful was the author in achieving his/her purpose?
How can you contradict the author’s argument?
How timely is the author’s argument? Is it current, or out of date? Why is it still relevant?
How is the writer being humorous or sarcastic? If so, how do these techniques work?







Sample Solution