The Defense of Injustice by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Read Marcus Tullius Cicero’s, The Defense of Injustice pages 143-153 in A World of Ideas.Think about another
author we read this semester who used dialogue and analyze the effectiveness of this type of rhetoric. As you
will read, Cicero is another author who explores abstract terms and through dialogue, he interjects his own
definitions and opinions about abstract ideas such as justice, injustice, and wisdom, to name a few.
After you have read Cicero’s, The Defense of Injustice, write an essay that responds to one of the prompts
1.) Clarify what Philus means by the term “wisdom,” which he introduces in paragraph 18. How do you
understand the word “wisdom” and how appropriate is the word “wisdom” for the ideas he describes? Would
most people today regard the behavior he sketches out as an example of wisdom? What moral or ethical
problems arise from Philus’s concept of wisdom?

Sample Solution