The Democratic National Committee

  1. Select a political party. It may be one with which you are affiliated, or a party with which you have an interest in exploring the party platform and the issues and political agenda of the party.
    Major Political Parties
    The Democratic National Committee: How Does a Political Party Attract Voters? (To get the Hispanic Vote)
  2. You are preparing a PowerPoint Briefing Presentation for a group of party activists. Your goal is to generate enthusiasm for attracting a key demographic group to the party. (Examples: the “Youth” vote, “Hispanic” vote, etc.).
  3. Remember, a political party wants to reach out to new voters but must sustain their appeal to existing members of the party.
  4. By evaluating the website for the party, you should be able to critically analyze whether it will appeal to your target voting segment. Prepare a PowerPoint Briefing of no fewer than fifteen slides and no more than 25 slides.

Sample Solution