The department of veteran affairs needs improvement

There needs to be 6 sources. At least one paragraph needs to be a rebuttal/counter argument and it needs to be right before the conclusion paragraph


  1. Analyze evidence In your own words and provide examples. C’. Add more support if necessary (synthesize sources), D. Show how ideas arc connected or how they differ- d. Conclude paragraph by summing up main idea

Reason 1; Persuasive topic sentence /claim that supports thesis statement. A. Introduce support for claim. Analyze evidence in your own words and provide examples. B. Provide more research to back up claim ( if needed). C. Show connections between ideas/examples. F. Conclude by wrapping up the main idea paragraph

Rebuttal: State opposing viewpoint and claim: who argues what and why? A. Provide support: evidence for opposing view’s claim. 13. Acknowledge: discuss evidence (analyze whether or not it is valid). C. Counter their argument by pointing out how it might be flawed. I). Return to your original stance and state why it is still valid.

Conclusion: Remind readers of issue’s importance and why they should adopt your stance A. Touch on most powerful point in your paper (in fresh language). B. Restate thesis in new language and syntax. C. Reach out to audience and ask them to make a change (call to action). D. Stress the importance of your issue and what could happen if nothing is done about it E. End on a thought-provoking question. Statement or quote.



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