The difference between a sensitive and specific case definition

  1. Evaluate the following sources and decide whether you should use them in graduate level academic writing. Rank them in order of highest quality to lowest quality. Provide short discussion on your response including popular vs. scholarly, primary vs. secondary source, and whether it is credible.
  3. Article in Journal of Infectious Diseases (
  8. Discuss the difference between a sensitive and specific case definition for a disease. Give examples of when each is used.
  9. Describe the steps in an outbreak investigation.
  10. Discuss how a national surveillance plan should set a list of diseases as priority for surveillance. Do not discuss specific disease but discuss the attributes that make the disease worth monitoring through surveillance.
  11. Discuss the vaccination for polio. What are issues and why is polio not eradicated? (NOTE: This answer must be in your own words – not quoted material. You may use outside sources but please include proper citations)
  12. Can you discuss how in your community the vaccine was given when the supply was short? What populations were prioritized and why?

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