The difference between growth and fixed mindsets

In “Brainology: Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn” Carol S. Dweck tells readers that students’ mindsets have “profound effects on their motivation, learning, and school achievement” (1).

Briefly explain the difference between growth and fixed mindsets, and then use specific examples from your own life to illustrate whether you’ve had predominately fixed or growth mindset when it has come to learning in school, work and/or your personal life.

In the introduction, introduce your audience to the “Brainology” article by identifying the title and author and by explaining the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, according to the author.
Include a thesis statement that identifies the kind of mindset you think you’ve predominately had when it comes to learning in school, work and/or your personal life.
In the body of the essay, provide support for your thesis. Provide several vivid examples or one detailed extended example to illustrate how your experiences shaped your mindset.
To develop specific example(s), you could use the following questions to help you generate some ideas: How have your past experiences at school, at home, in your community, or even at work shaped your current mindset about how you approach learning? How have things like race, gender, ethnicity, social class, disability, nationality, and/or religion had an effect on how you perceive and approach obstacles while learning?

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