The Difference between State Legislature and The US Congress

What is the Difference between State Legislature and The US Congress and who is representing you in the US Congress and in the State legislature?

The US Congress: Pay close attention to the word “US” before the word “Congress.” Any job title that has the word “US” at its beginning, means that they are working for the federal government. For instance, the “US House Representative” and the “US Senator.” Whoever has this title before their name, is representing you in the US Congress which is a branch of the federal government.
What issues the US Congress touches?
The answer is simple! Policies and issues that impact the United States as a whole such as your constitutional rights, immigration policy, the US budget, printing money, borrowing money, lowering or decreasing your federal taxes, and so on and so forth.

What issues does the state legislature touch?
This answer is simple as well! Any issue and policy that is related only to that state! Remember, in each state we have a state legislature. For instance, the state capital in Oklahoma is where all the states’ persons meet, debate, and pass laws related to Oklahoma! This is true in every state!
What issues are discussed in Oklahoma’s state capital?

Issues such as building roads, funding schools, raising or lowering state taxes, funding or defunding Sooner Care, and any other policy and law that is related to the state of Oklahoma.

We have 50 states and we have a state legislature in every state. In other words, we have 50 state legislatures in total. Which means each state has its own government and jurisdiction to govern. But how many US Congress do we have? One. Why? Because we have one national government that governs the United States.
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