The Dignity of the Human Person

The entire conversation about the responsibility of healthcare and healthcare providers from the Roman Catholic Christian perspective rests on the foundation of human dignity- the value of the human person.

Provide a concise description of the Catholic Christian understanding of human personhood and the source of this idea. Utilize your own words. Be sure to properly cite sources including author and page number, or author and time if the source is a video. Use no more than two direct citations (direct citations are not part of your word count).

Make sure to address the following items:

  1. What do Catholic Christians mean by the dignity of the human person?
  2. What is the basis for the notion of the dignity of the human person?
  3. Why the dignity of the human person is central to Catholic Social Teaching?
  4. From related resources, choose another theme of Catholic Social Teaching that you feel is closely related to the theme of dignity of the human person. Provide a sentence or two explanation regarding why you chose this theme and how it is related.
  5. Why are we learning about the dignity of the human person? What difference does it make to healthcare/nursing?

Sample Solution