The documentary” Understanding The Opioid Epidemic”

You will view the documentary” Understanding The Opioid Epidemic”, and complete a documentary critique project video for this assignment. You may use any platform to create your criteria; however, please ensure that your file is accessible and that you have granted permission to view it. Any file not accessible will receive a grade of 0.


Your job is to inform the audience about the documentary. Be sure to include:

  • A short introduction ( tell the audience about yourself)
  • Information about the documentary (i.e., title, speakers, crucial statistical information)
  • What is your position on the topic? What could the documentary have added?
  • What was the overall quality of the documentary
  • Your final analysis ( Your overall thoughts)

Examples of Video Criteria

Video Art Critique (Links to an external site.)

Documentary Review (Links to an external site.)

Sample Solution