The effects of using different diets to treat obesity

Write an essay about the effets of using different diets to treat obisity.
Obesity might be known as just being too fat from consuming too many calories without exercise, but that isn’t necessarily the case for all obese people, in fact in most obesity cases it isn’t from over eating or under exercising, it’s from different factors such as not enough sleep or Endocrine disruptors such as foods that slow down the lipid metabolism or an obesity gene called FTO which makes around 17% of the entire world population overeat, that’s roughly 1241000000 people around the world. The obesity rate currently around the world is at an average of 30%, the world’s leading country in obesity is Nauru with nearly 61% of its entire population being obese, many countries follow the same parent and many studies have concluded that in 20 years that average will grow to a staggering 46%. The most common and serious effects of obesity include type two diabetes, heart disease and join and bone disease. Obesity rates are increasing worldwide due to a variety of reasons, such as decreased amounts of outdoor activities for kids, and the abundance of unhealthy foods and how easy it is to access them, and one of the most significant reasons is all the new technology that’s coming out and replacing the majority of the outdoor activities, recent polls show that 86% of American children between the ages of 12 and 18 would rather stay indoors to play video games or watch television than go outside to play, and this is increasing obesity rates in children, obesity in children chills nearly 34 children per hour roughly a 90% increase that 3-4 decades ago when television and video games weren’t as popular.
Some popular diets to treat obesity include the low- fat diet, high protein diet and the low carbohydrates diet. The low fat diet includes eating nearly 20-30% of the fats that the person usually eats on a day to day basis, this includes alcohol, sodium, added sugar, saturated fat and refined grains, this is by fat one of the best weight loss methods recorded, it showed that since it isn’t much of a drastic change than the normal diets the users will usually stick with the diet for a prolonged period of time but the person shouldn’t start losing too much weight in a short period of time, experts recommend a maximum of 1-2 kilograms of weight loss per week, anything over that could result in serious problems like a high risk of gaining it all back after being done with the diet, and other risks like muscle loss, lower metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, gallstones and other risks, slowly changing your eating and exercise behaviours will help you lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

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