The efficacy of fetal monitoring.

Jo, a nurse practitioner in Obstetrics, proposes to research the efficacy of fetal monitoring. Her research would
require the use of a fetal scalp monitor during delivery. Having done this hundreds of times in the labor and
delivery section of the hospital, she knew it was not too intrusive a procedure. Therefore, she requested
exempt status from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).
1) If you were a member of the IRB for her institution, would you grant it? Explain your answer in a well written
paragraph. Be sure to adhere to APA standards for scholarly writing. Review your work for use of proper
spelling, grammar and syntax before posting.
2) Complete quality responses to the Posts of a minimum of two of your classmates*Responses to
classmate’s posts such as ‘ I agree with you””good point” or “great post” are not considered quality responses

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