The Evolution of Project Delivery Systems in the Public Arena

All around you are examples of the results of successful project delivery systems(PDS) used in the public arena. You may be near (or in) one such
example as you are successfully completing your course. A classic use of D-B-B(Design/Bid/Build), commonly known as the “traditional” construction
project delivery method, and at one time the predominant method utilized by the public arena, is exemplified by a new laboratory project at the U.S.
Department of Agriculture’s National Centers for Animal Health in Ames, Iowa.
The selection of PDS depends on many factors, one of which is whether the project is publicly or privately owned. In this Discussion, focus on the
types of project delivery systems that are used for public projects such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings as you respond to the
following questions:
How is the choice of PDS impacted by whether a project is privately or publicly owned? Support your explanation by using specific examples

Sample Solution