Select one to write an essay on: 50 points (3 paragraphs)
1. In specific terms explain what Reconstruction meant after the Civil War. Include in your answer Presidential and Radical Reconstruction.
2. Reconstruction is judged to have ended in 1877. Over the course of the 1870’s, what caused it’s end?
3. What were the origins and meanings of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments in the 1860’s? What is their significance today?
Chapter 15-Select one to write an essay on: 50 points
4. How did the U.S. government’s relations with Native Americans change over time throughout the late nineteenth century?
5. Describe the societal and technological changes that revolutionized the lives of farmers and ranchers on the Great Plains. How did the interaction between people and the environment change the physical landscape of the West?
Chapter 16 -Select one to write an essay on: 50 points
6. How did mechanization affect the lives of average workers and the makeup of the labor force? In what ways did technological innovation alter the American standard of living?
7. What ideas did some Americans use to justify industrialization, and how did others criticize it?
8. What were the most important factors contributing to the urban growth of the period 1877-1920?
9. How did immigrants adjust to and reshape their adopted homeland? How did urbanization affect patterns of family life and leisure time?
Chapter 17- 18 – Select one to write an essay on: 50 points
10. What were the functions of Government in the Gilded Age, and how did they change? How did the policies of exclusion and discrimination make their mark on the political culture of the age?
11. In what ways did the progressive reform succeed, and what ways did it fail?
12. How did women and racial minorities challenge previous ways of thinking about American Society?

13.Discuss the film,” Reconstruction the Second Civil War” and what it implies by the 13thAmendment.



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