The Fortune 500

Look through the Fortune 500 — IBM and analyze its corporate Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) plans.

Prepare to write a critical analysis which describes the different ways the three companies implement strong or innovative diversity engagement plans that are customized to their specific industry or community. Here is a link to the Fortune 500 listing website:

Include the following in your research paper:

A description of the company history that necessitated the launch of a diversity
initiative for each of your selected organizations.

Identify the elements of each program (i.e. hiring quotas, mandatory training, etc.)

Describe the elements of the initiatives that you find particularly strong and weak.

Explain how the outcomes are measured or assessed.

Since you should always be learning from others’ experiences, identify three lessons
that you would apply from this research as a diversity conscious leader.

Be sure to address each prompt, review the company’s websites, and integrate other
resources to support your analysis for each company.

Sample Solution