The fundamental of nutrition.

DB 1:
I. The first two chapters explain the fundamental of nutrition. The different nutrients, their functions and the old and ongoing research on the science of nutrition. As we all know, there are many existing myths and conflicting facts about nutrition. It will therefore be helpful to everyone to reflect upon how we get our nutrition information. How do you know that what you read in the newspaper or Internet is scientifically sound and accurate? Can we really detect good nutrition information from misinformation? How? What should we look for? Discuss.
Also– Find an article or YouTube on Nutrition Quackery, share it with your classmates, and briefly review.

  1. Chapter 2 discusses the tools available for designing healthful diets. The USDA’s ChooseMyPlate (formerly MyPyramid (FGP) is explained and illustrated in this chapter. Harvard also has a pyramid and plate: ‘Healthy Eating Plate and Pyramid” is (To see it, click on (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. (Scroll down past the plate to view the pyramid.) Which do you prefer: the Harvard or USDA approach? Why? Explain Also:
    Google: “Food Pyramids from around the world”, or “Food Guidelines from around the World”– and click on a link, or click on images, and then select a food guide from another country. Include a picture of the pyramid/guideline, or include the link, and then discuss and compare to our U.S. guidelines…. (There are all sorts of them out there- from India to Bahamas to Belize to Benin, a variety of European. African and Asian countries, etc). You could also select a country of interest, and then type in the country’s name and food guide pyramid, to see what comes up )

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