The Good Immigrant

Through the stories found in The Good Immigrant, we witnessed writers reflect on very personal journeys as im/migrants, refugees, or first/second generation US citizens. In an 8-10 page research essay, explore an issue or event and its affect on the lives of a specific im/migrant community in the US. Then, propose or explain a re/solution for this issue.

An appropriate thesis statement will present the im/migrant group and the problem/solution. Body Paragraphs should first introduce the group to the reader, then describe the problem and re/solution.

Information Literacy Requirement-

Use at least 5 sources as support. You may use as many of the stories from the The Good Immigrant as you want, however, only 3 will count toward satisfying the source requirement. Look for a variety of appropriate, relevant, and substantial information regarding these groups and issues, including scholarly studies, personal stories, news articles, etc. In an effort to extend as much compassion and humanity to your chosen group and issue, please do your due diligence while researching. Though it is easy to simplify or generalize, be as specific as you can with your language.

Sample Solution