The Grandeur of the American Democracy After 1937 essay

The purpose and format of critical reviews is simple: critique a fellow researchers writing. That means you analyze the argument and assess its overall significance and quality. Remember: you are every bit an expert on the subject–or you should be as the author of your paper. Demonstrate your expertise by critiquing that of the authors.
Attached to this email are five papers submitted by your classmates for the Exam 2 Essay assignment. The files are also posted to Canvas. You’ll select one paper’ then write a 3 page (double-spaced) analysis in which you: a. Summarize the papers topic and basic argument.
Is the argument equal to the topic? Or does the argument not quite measure up? Demonstrate your expertise on the matter. After all, you are something of an expert: you too (like the author of the paper you’re reviewing) submitted a paper for the Essay 2 assignment in this course.
b. Relate whether or not you found the paper to be persuasive and why or why not.
This step might include enumerating the paper’s strengths, then highlighting weaknesses, while finally measuring the balance Presumably a persuasive paper has more strengths than weaknesses.
c. Provide suggestions–especially regarding logic of argument and use of evidence–that would strengthen the authors argument.
Unless the paper is perfect, there’s room for improvement. The objective of a persuasive and effective review is to highlight just how much room …a task that obviously requires the reviewer to know what he or she is talking about. So show that you do.
These points are especially true concerning evidence. Did the author use all the evidence provided? All the evidence required? (I attach the Exam 2 Essay prompt instructions for reference.)
d. Finally, analyze the paper in light of one additional consideration.

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