The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Filzgerald

A book review should be a balanced and accurate description of the book, based on evidence and examples and not on subjective likes or dislikes of the reviewer. In addition, the review should include a fair assessment of the content with constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book. Reviewers should also indicate the intended audience for the book and why readers would find it useful. Other aspects that may be part of a review are: The main ideas and objectives of the book How well they have been accomplished The context of thought or events that prompted the book The author’s expertise and position The soundness of methods and information sources used The style of the author Double space your writing, use Times New Romans, 12 point font, and a 1-inch margin all around the page. Use italics instead of bold or underline, especially in bibliographic references. Electronic submission in Word or RTF format is preferred. Following the book review please include a brief biographical note that indicates your full name, title, position, institution, organization, or school (with location) where you are serving, and any information about previous experience and/or nationality if pertinent to the review.







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