The Holy Bible

God will perform a miracle and the patient will walk out of the hospital.
The patient’s children are all adults, natural-born citizens of the U.S. who own a
successful, well-known local business.
A local TV station has been ‘covering the story’ although they have not publicly
disclosed the patient’s name. The state governor has come out publicly stating that illegal
aliens are a drain on our state’s resources and should be sent back to their countries of
origin. The governor’s challenger (whose daughter is a nursing student in AICU) says
there is a moral duty to care for everyone.
You are scheduled to meet with the hospital ethics committee tomorrow. After
the meeting, you, the physician, and the AICU chaplain are to meet with the patient’s
family regarding the patient’s course of care.
How will you prepare for the upcoming meeting with the hospital ethics
committee? What issues do you expect will come up during that meeting? What will
you say to the patient’s family?
The Holy Bible
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