The impact of globalization on work and employment.

Identify, research and critically discuss one issue related to the impact of globalization on work and employment.
In exploring your chosen issue, you are expected to use insights from reading academic papers, and from your active engagement with the subject by way of collecting empirical insight into the world of work around you. You may bring in visual, audio, other textual material, gain insights by talking to a few people. observing, making photographs and through other methods.
In choosing the focus of your essay, I would like you to think about different aspects and reflections of globalization introduced in the lectures and seminars (e.g. economic inequalities. diversity and backlash, technological advancement, disconnectedness, migration, outsourcing, ethics and corporate social responsibility, automation and geek economy, and so on). Consider which of these issues feel important to you for further exploring how it manifests in the world of work around you. The essay will rely on two important foundations. First is your reading of the academic literature on the issue of your choice. Second foundation will be your active engagement with the topic by linking the ‘academic’ thinking about work to the experience of work in real life. To do this, you can use news items or other online information sources, but you are also encouraged to go off-line to the field like a researcher. You can talk with people, make pictures or just observe a day in a workplace. These are only a few examples and I am very curious to see all the other different ideas you will come up with. To wrap up, the two foundations on which your essay will build on are your engagement with the academic material and then link this to the more day-to-day experience of work.

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