The importance and behavior of a handshake

Retrieve the following you tube video (copy and paste the link), watch it and prepare a small reflection piece highlighting the most memorable part of the movie for you and why (what did you learn from it; how will it affect your further perception and behavior)

For me I have noticed three most memorable parts of the movie. The importance and behavior of a handshake, the influence and movement of the eyes and additional to that the “loss of control” – so called micro expansions.
Handshake: In the movie there were a lot of different scenes including handshakes. Most of the scenes showed politicians because that is one scene the society and the people see if important politicians meet each other. In my opinion it is surprising that every movement of the hand can be completely interpreted. Furthermore it was also interesting to see how you can influence a handshake and show that you have more power than your opponent. In my opinion there is a message behind every handshake and as well behind the behavior. The situations with closing doors or “last men who goes through a door has more power” was not new to me, but to be honest I have not recognized situations before or I interpreted them not in this way.
Movement of the eyes: The eyes are the window to the soul. This sentence is absolutely true. If people do not feel very well it will have an impact on the movement of their eyes. Moreover the eyes are telling the truth. It is more about what you can see in the eyes and not what you can hear from a person. For example, if someone fakes to be happy or sad. It is easy to influence the muscles around the mouth, but in fact people forget about the influence of the eyes. Maybe the eyes could be described as the sincerest part of the face. It is very hard to fake emotions and feelings with your eyes.
Micro expansions: For me this was probably the biggest surprise. Micro expansions are the total loss of control in a smaller period than a second. Normally people cannot see them without an extra slow motion. Even very powerful politicians, who are obviously trained in body language, can have micro expansions. In my point of view this micro expansion is like a movement of your body against the things that you are telling in this situation. For example, if someone is lying this would definitely have an impact on the face or the eyes. Even if that person is a good liar we probably can see micro expansions in his or her face.

Change in further perception and behavior: I think it is difficult to say in which way I can or should change my perception right now. In my opinion the biggest point and the most important point are the eyes. I will probably look deeper in the eyes of the opponent or try to ask surprisingly questions about another topic to observe the opponent’s reaction. The other important thing is that 93% of our communication is non-verbal communication. I will definitely have a look and be very self-critical with myself and my body language.
































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