*This is an Early Childhood Education subject
*The research should be based only in Australia
*Also, you need to make a survey from the references that you will be summarising, as this is included on the assessment.
*the target group for the survey will be the staff/early childhood teachers.
*Please refer only to the instruction, I will attached the instructions for you to have a look
*Please give me a call or send me messages if you have questions

Topic question:
The importance of Children’s play in their learning and development.
Why is Children’s play in early childhood is important with their learning and development?

Learners must demonstrate the ability to create a literature review and use appropriate grammar and spelling. Workbook 1 must be completed and deemed satisfactory before beginning workbook 2.

1. Identify and justify how your chosen topic links to the NQF – National Quality Framework

2. Annotated bibliography: Review of relevant literature – Find 5 to a maximum of 8 sources of information about your chosen research topic.
These sources must be current, relevant (preferably Australian) and from reputable sources. eg. Government websites, academic papers and journals, published works and peak organisations.

For each source of information document;
• Author
• Title
• Publication details
• Summary of what is in the article (approximately 2 paragraphs)
• How might this support your topic (approximately 1 paragraph)

3. Identify stakeholders that you can survey about the topic. (Educators of early childhood or the families)
• Your target group will need to be at least 20 people
• Provide a brief explanation about how you will conduct your research and the resources needed.

4. Research methodology: Based on the National Quality Framework – Australia and your literature review, you need to create a survey containing questions about your research topic. Questions will assist you to identify your target group’s needs, beliefs, practices and outcomes in relation to the topic. Within your survey you will need to ensure:
• There is an introduction to the survey introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of the survey
There is a combination of questions – quantitative questions (number questions) and qualitative questions (more in depth, opinion questions).
• Your introduction and questions contain correct spelling and grammar

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