The issues and problems that nurse leaders face.

The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with an opportunity to critically think about the issues and problems that nurse leaders face. Respond with a minimum of 100 words
Carefully read three case studies in the Longest, Rakick and Darr (2014) textbook.

1. As an introduction provide a problem statement that reflects the case study 2. Identify an organizational theory that applies to the case study 3. In writing your response to each question at the end of each case study: a. first restate each question and b. supply your response with references to support your comments. 4. Prepare a title page, abstract, conclusion and reference list according to APA guidelines
Each case study assignment is worth 10 points (there are 3 case studies) for a total of 30 points, which are allocated in the following way:
1. Followed APA format for scholarly work 1 point 2. Answered all questions thoroughly and completely 4 points 3. Demonstrated adequate understanding of material 1 points 4 Used material from the literature to support position 2 points



























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