“The Judgment of Thamus”

Write an argumentative essay that discusses “The Judgment of Thamus” (from Postman’s Book) and incorporates at least one more technology essay (from the course supplemental essays or library databases), respond to the following:

To what extent is Postman’s argument relevant to understanding how a specific technology has impacted our culture and the way we think? Choose one such technology to narrow your focus and discuss the effects that technology has had on another part of modern life. For example, one might discuss the effects of social media on loneliness, or the effects of email on workplace communication. You may also focus on causes or both causes and effects (e.g. why lonely people are drawn to social media). As you prepare your argument, consider responding to some of the following questions:

What are the ethical implications of this technology’s use or overuse?
How much has your thinking been influenced by this technology?
How has the technology effected relationships?
In what ways does the technology help people immerse themselves in new ideas, relationships, or activities?
How does it benefit and/or prevent people from accomplishing goals?
How much does it cause people to be mentally and/or physically well or unwell?
How can you alter your use of the technology to improve your goals and/or well-being?

Sample Solution