The key sources of information on the performance of the business you are familiar with


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This assessment is an individual presentation in PowerPoint using this template: Individual Task Template. (uploaded) Your Task Using appropriate measures, analysis and techniques*, your task is to describe the key sources of information on the performance of the business you work within, (or one you are familiar with). ? Your analysis should cover the scope of business performance information discussed in the module so far. ? When designing your presentation, always refer to the requirements in the rubric (below). ? Excluding your title slide and reference section (which should be on a separate slide) the maximum presentation length is 10 slides. *You should have encountered the measures, analysis and techniques in all six of your core modules, or any other source provided it is referenced. Guidelines ? The submission format is PowerPoint. This means your submission is intended to be viewed as a presentation and should be designed accordingly. o If you were in the audience, would it look appealing and clear? Are the graphics relevant? ? Do not reproduce generic examples of analysis tools and models. Make whatever you use specific to the organisation and issue you are presenting on. ? Do not forget your references. No references – no substantiation. No substantiation – no argument. No argument – no marks. ? Amongst other things, the rubric calls for Logical and practical recommendations for action’. Therefore, unless your business performance information is perfect, there is room for improvement.

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