The Lisbon earthquake

Your assignment is to write a brief report assessing the disaster. Your
account must include a discussion of:

Causes: What caused the disaster? Was it simply an earthquake? Or
were more complex factors involved? How did the historical context
of Lisbon — its society, its ways of life, the physical features of the
city — matter?

Effects: The disaster had widescale effects — physical, political,
social, religious. Discuss what you feel were the most significant
effects of the disaster. Be as specific as possible.

Response: How did the inhabitants of the city respond to the
earthquake and its effects? Did the response differ between social
groups? How did the response shorten or prolong the disaster?

Recovery: How did officials think about the recovery of the city?
What plans did they eventually execute? How did the experience of
the earthquake shape the reconstruction of the city?

Meanings: What meanings did people take from the earthquake?
What lessons did it teach?

Sample Solution