The Malthus theorem

SIng your reading/videos from this week complete one of the options below for your original post:
Malthusian Theory: Discuss the Malthus theorem while choosing sides between the New Malthusians and the
Anti-Malthusians. In choosing between the two groups, you need to defend your position, as well as speculate
on how your own life would be affected if the opposing side ultimately turns out to be right.
Automation and Jobs: Replacing human labor with technology has implications for many different industries
and social classes in the United States. While it has reduced the need for some skilled laborers in the
manufacturing industry, it has simultaneously created engineering jobs for those who service automated
equipment. Analyze the wider effects and future implications of automation in a particular industry. Think
especially about the role automation plays in the employment of certain groups of laborers, such as blue-collar
jobs versus white-collar jobs. Show the immediate and long-term social and economic implications of
automation in your chosen industry, such as unemployment rates, job stability, and socioeconomic inequality
among certain groups. Cite outside sources as needed.

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