The members of the Velvet Underground

Discuss all or some of the members of the Velvet Underground, their influences, and approaches to music. How was the band’s association with Andy Warhol helpful? (1 Page)

  1. Discuss the “Krautrock” music scene in Germany in the late-60s/early-70s. How did this influence music back in The States? (1 Page)
  2. What made Black Sabbath so influential? (1 Page) 4. Discuss some of the important bands and artists of the early New York punk scene. (1 Page) 5. Who is Malcolm Mclaren? What role did he play in punk music? (1 Page)
  3. Discuss two important aspects to disco (innovations like the 12-inch single, cultural significance and popularity, 10005005 33 music that came after, the backlash, etc).(1 Page
  4. How and why did Hip Hop come into existence? Discuss both musical and cultural elements.

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