The mission, vision, and cultural values of the organization

Describe the organization, or alternative environment, which will serve as the focus for this course, as follows:

  1. Discuss the mission, vision, and cultural values of the organization as they relate to the needs assessment plan.
  2. Review the existing degree of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) surrounding a particular issue or topical area, as identified in the initial analysis of the situation.
  3. Articulate clear focal point(s), for the consideration and purpose of developing a needs assessment plan for your organization, i.e., identify the specific purpose for the needs assessment, based on a particular issue or topical area.
  4. Develop research questions based on the purpose of the needs assessment plan.
  5. Enumerate constituencies and identify key stakeholders with whom it may be advantageous to partner, the nature of stakeholders’ interests in the needs assessment plan, and why these stakeholders are vital facets in the first phase of the needs assessment process.
  6. Discuss expectations of the process and explore potential “road blocks” or limitations in this step in the process.
  7. Articulate three (3) professional/personal objectives surrounding the motivation for conducting the needs assessment plan.

Sample Solution